Yesterday was Micah’s birthday.  My  little guy will always be my little guy, even if he reaches above me in height.  To realize that he turned nine and is starting his tenth year outside of the womb, really makes me feel okay, but at the same time I think more about his future and the […]

I am an outdoors lover.  In the wintertime, we stay inside for the most part. Lately I have been enjoying having a camera again, singing on Smule with friends, and reading. During the week, the boys probably watch a total of two to three hours of TV (yes, in five days).  On Saturdays they are […]

I really do feel badly that Micah was born in a time of year where everyone is packed with plans that cause celebrating his birth either forgettable or a burden. I feel badly because we were unable to go and do what he really wanted to do for his birthday: bowling.  There were leagues that […]

April is my favorite month. Spring is my favorite season. The cabin fever I suffered is over! At long last! How does one celebrate the coming of nice warm weather? By going outside and doing things together as a family outside of the house.  I figured I’d do a little post about it. My mom […]

I find that being drawn to the minimalist lifestyle leads you to more adventure.  We don’t know a lot about Jesus’ life before he was 30 (other than his birth, that he was a refugee for a few years in Egypt, and that he made his parents a nervous wreck at 12).  He is outdoors […]

Say hello to my students (and beautiful sons) and their new school photos! I started up the boys’ school year a couple of weeks ago. My sons are tough to teach at times. Actually, they are tough to teach all the time.  If you ever want to homeschool your children, it will be the most […]

It is hard to imagine that last year we survived without using our air conditioning because this year we have used it a lot, but at the same time I know I could do without it, so it isn’t that big of a deal to me.  I always find humor in people who complain in […]