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Items to Buy When Having a Baby as a Minimalist

I listen to the Cohesive Home podcast whenever an episode is released. Kate recently had her third child and Melissa has three kids.  They were talking about items that they may or may not have needed as minimalist parents of babies months ago now.  It got me thinking to what my favorite products were when…… Continue reading Items to Buy When Having a Baby as a Minimalist

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What Small Home Living is Like

I remember telling my mom when I was engaged that as long as I had Rob to be with, I didn’t mind living in a cardboard box with him. When we got married, we lived in my parents’ basement with a bedroom, couch, and TV outside of the room attached to my parents’ laundry room. …… Continue reading What Small Home Living is Like

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Experience Presents

My children have all that they need provided for them.  Throughout the year we will buy them fun activity projects.  As a minimalist family, we don’t allow them to have an over abundance, but they certainly play with all that they do have.  That is what is important.  Nothing is wasted or neglected. Rob and…… Continue reading Experience Presents

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How To Easily Declutter Your Home

Approach the process of decluttering with a mindset of fun and excitement!  If you decide that you need to declutter your home but all you see is built up anxiety, it will be complicated for you. I personally find decluttering to be a stress reliever and a fun task (but I also like cleaning in…… Continue reading How To Easily Declutter Your Home