I truly loved seeing all the beauty throughout Hershey Gardens!  Flowers were everywhere as well as some herbs and a children’s garden.  Just take a look at some the things we saw there! I love frogs a lot and take photos of them whenever I can. . .so there are a few shots of a […]

Our family visited the Butterfly Atrium at Hershey Gardens in PA which was so beautiful!  They had the temperature set as if we were in a tropical rain forest.  There were so many beautiful and various butterflies throughout the atrium that I have never seen before in person.  They also had moths of different types.  […]

One of my best friends lives in Chicago and has for over ten years now, but has been my friend since meeting at youth group back in January of 2000, only 3 days after I met Rob (who also attended the youth group).  I have now seen her three times in person during these past […]

Once a week I am at my parents’ house and they have a really nice big yard, woods, a river, and hardly any neighbors.  It is quiet and peaceful there.  It has been warm outside this week and I have been loving it.  I love to see little hints of beauty that God leaves for […]

Six months ago I made a “happy little tree” quilt in purple for my friend’s niece.  The sweet little baby girl is now six months old and her mommy hired me to photograph her.  I will say Remi is such a happy baby.  I have never had so many smiles when photographing a baby or […]

January and now February has brought us snow here in NJ.  Rob’s 33rd birthday was on the 24th and the day before we had a blizzard that left us with about two feet of snow.  We went out in it to play but it was so windy and cold that I kept shivering and wincing […]

I have never been a city girl.  I might live close to NYC and other busy cities in NJ, but usually the suburbs are a bit too much for me. There were a few times in my childhood where I would visit my uncle who lives about 6 hours north in upstate NY.  He had […]