I made this quilt with beautiful fabric colors and prints that I didn’t even think would turn out looking too good together.  I was just messing around but think it is lovely!!  You can buy it here on my etsy shop! I made some scrappy quilts to try to get through older fabrics I’ve owned […]

I fell in love with this Little House on the Prairie fabric collection and found a free pattern to go with it and thought, “Oh yeah! Time to do it.” It was fun, simple, and turned out pretty!  This is one of those rail quilt patterns which I’ve never tried before.  I made this quilt […]

My aunt contacted me about her sister who was going in for chemo therapy.  She wanted a purple and white quilt with either flowers or hearts made as a throw to keep her sister warm.  I made this in about a week or less and it was pretty simple to make hearts.   I was later […]

I created some simple patchwork baby quilts using 5″ squares I cut from my left over fabric.  I have a lot of extra fabric I am trying to cycle out.  Some of these fabrics you have seen even in my first quilts! I am ready to gain a new stash of sorts and say goodbye […]

My mom’s close friend has been admiring my quilting and often asks about sizing and pricing.  When I recently sold a quilt that I had made last year, she had said how she liked the colors a lot and asked if I’d be making a quilt like it.  I told her I’d make a throw […]

When I planned on painting the boys’ bedroom two colors (I’ll be posting their bedroom later this week); two walls for each of their favorite colors, I also planned on making them each quilts to go with their walls!  I already shared Micah’s blue quilt.  Here’s Leto’s orange quilt!  What I love about this quilt […]

I believe every January through March I take the longest in between quilts.  This has happened now for the third time in between those months, the only difference is I did finish a quilt  this January!  I started this quilt in February. Because I had painted my sons’ bedroom walls, I figured I needed to […]