I have been eating unhealthy my whole life until recently.  I always hated vegetables and am finding ways to eat them as a way to retrain my taste buds. Our friend from church had shared the recipe, which my husband cutely “demanded” I make him for dinner.  We ate it last night as well as […]

For a few years our family has been celebrating Pesach/Passover tied in with Yeshua/Jesus instead of Easter. We have no Jewish heritage and are Christians adopted as God’s children, but if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that we don’t celebrate the typical holidays for many reasons.  We really love the […]

I’ve been making loads of recipes from this great book called 101 Autumn Recipes.  I had Rob go through the book and put little tabs on anything he would want me to make for him.  One of the recipes he wanted me to make was Warm Spiced Milk. It was very simple!   Rob said […]

I’ve posted pictures in the past of whoopie pies/Amish Sandwich cookies, but they were from a box. I decided to try my hand at homemade ones, and these are amazing! I only have a hand blender so it gave me a cramp to make these, but I want to make them all the time! They’re […]

Since I was a child my mother has been very known by friends and family for her crumb cake. She is always asked to make it, and used to make it for people’s birthdays regularly. A few years ago I asked her for the recipe and she didn’t know what to tell me since she […]