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What Small Home Living is Like

I remember telling my mom when I was engaged that as long as I had Rob to be with, I didn’t mind living in a cardboard box with him. When we got married, we lived in my parents’ basement with a bedroom, couch, and TV outside of the room attached to my parents’ laundry room. … Continue reading What Small Home Living is Like

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Simple Living Stages

In my longing for minimalism and simple living in general, everyone has differing opinions on the subject and what it means for them, and that’s okay! Everyone is in a different stage. My parents had this “century collection” of books.  Each one highlighted news, fads, and photos from each decade starting from the late 1800s… Continue reading Simple Living Stages

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I Have Regrets but Move On

I think it is wonderful how people can say, “Well, I have no regrets.”  I can’t say that at all.  I have a lot of regrets about choices I’ve made and things I’ve done and other times I am glad for the things I did because I learned from the mistakes I made.  I don’t… Continue reading I Have Regrets but Move On