On our way home from VA, We made a stop in Gettysburg, PA.  I had never been there before, though always heard various stories about its Civil War history.  I know of soldier accounts and the large battle that took place.  What I never heard, were accounts from those who were northern civilians who had […]

The Luray Caverns was discovered in the 1800s in Luray, VA.  This place was the biggest plan we had on our vacation because it not only has the incredible caverns, but also a Car museum, toy museum, gem mining and historical museum, and a garden maze.  We made sure to explore all of those things.  […]

I tend to be a bit goal oriented and am disappointed when my goals are not reached.  I don’t mind sometimes realizing that my goals change over time, but once my mind is truly set on something, I work very hard for it.  Rob usually always encourages me on my goals too, which I am […]

I truly loved seeing all the beauty throughout Hershey Gardens!  Flowers were everywhere as well as some herbs and a children’s garden.  Just take a look at some the things we saw there! I love frogs a lot and take photos of them whenever I can. . .so there are a few shots of a […]

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you have seen posts featuring one of my best friends Lynsie who lives 3 hours south of us.  We try to visit and get together with Lynsie and Noah a few times a year.  It was a pleasure to visit on the first weekend of the […]

It has been two years already since we last visited our friends in Maine! Perhaps some of you who have been reading my blog for more than a couple years would recall our time there last time here and here. The boys were very well behaved during our trip up to Maine (8 hour drive) […]

My sons play with their wooden train tracks quite regularly, as well as their collection of Thomas trains.  They always get excited to see trains while we drive.  They know of all the different types of trains! Some of Rob’s ancestors worked with steam engines/railways, so perhaps it is just in the boys’ blood to love […]