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My 5 Practical “Resolutions” for 2017

I  became a vegetarian three weeks ago (though I have already gone over a year without beef and seven years without pork).  I pray I can continue this path successfully!  It is something I never thought I’d be able to do ever.  I never saw myself becoming one simply because of my anemia issues, but… Continue reading My 5 Practical “Resolutions” for 2017

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Four Family Outings in One Week of April

April is my favorite month. Spring is my favorite season. The cabin fever I suffered is over! At long last! How does one celebrate the coming of nice warm weather? By going outside and doing things together as a family outside of the house.  I figured I’d do a little post about it. My mom… Continue reading Four Family Outings in One Week of April

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Simple Living Stages

In my longing for minimalism and simple living in general, everyone has differing opinions on the subject and what it means for them, and that’s okay! Everyone is in a different stage. My parents had this “century collection” of books.  Each one highlighted news, fads, and photos from each decade starting from the late 1800s… Continue reading Simple Living Stages