nIf you listen to the Simply Us Podcast Rob and I run; in the second episode we talked about the DNA test my dad took to find out his ethnicity, since he never knew who his father was.  I never actually said all that I am or all of what his results stated because it […]

I’ve received a lot of subscribers lately who might not know who I am.  I thought I would give a little insight as to what I do, who I am, and what I like. 1. I am a minimalist, which for me means that I won’t own things unless they are in use currently.  Once […]

I was known as “Vicki the Virgin” in high school.  Did I like that nickname? I found it funny for a time.  It was a joke and a way to mock me. I had wanted to be a virgin on my wedding day, but that did not happen.  This is my story. All of my […]

I am an outdoors lover.  In the wintertime, we stay inside for the most part. Lately I have been enjoying having a camera again, singing on Smule with friends, and reading. During the week, the boys probably watch a total of two to three hours of TV (yes, in five days).  On Saturdays they are […]

I barely updated my blog this month, and I am sorry.  I figured I’d update you on what did happen throughout the month!! 1. Leto turned 10!!!  He really didn’t even know what he wanted to do for his birthday until days before (we kept asking and giving options), so we pretty much did the […]

I  became a vegetarian three weeks ago (though I have already gone over a year without beef and seven years without pork).  I pray I can continue this path successfully!  It is something I never thought I’d be able to do ever.  I never saw myself becoming one simply because of my anemia issues, but […]

I used to consider autumn one of my favorite seasons ever, but now I have a hard time enjoying it because I know it goes too quickly before the cold comes.  I like doing outdoor activities during warm months.  Here in NJ we do get to enjoy all seasons, but our winters usually feel about […]