Our Love Story

IMG_1300I first noticed my husband in the hallways of my public high school throughout the autumn of my sophomore year/his junior year.  I developed a crush on him in December, 1999.  I kept bugging our mutual friend to tell me about Rob and asked how I could meet him. On January 27, 2000 our friend quickly introduced us before walking away to leave us at the meeting of a Christian club that was starting up, which also had to close immediately after our meeting (we believe it was created so we could meet).  Rob and I hung out a bit afterwards and talked.

That same weekend, I went to a new youth group and Rob was there too.  Then the following day our school’s schedule changed around and we ended up having gym class together.  God kept making opportunities for us to be around one another.

A month or so later, I felt a great peace from God assuring me that one day I would marry him, though anyone who would have heard a 16 year old proclaim such a thing would have brushed it aside. I didn’t fear telling Rob that we would one day marry, because of this great peace I had.  He had a girlfriend at the time, who a few months later let him know that she thought God wanted them to marry one day.  Even though he should have wanted that too, he didn’t believe her, but believed me and laughed a little at her remark while smiling remembering what I told him.

After developing a friendship with him over several months, he asked me to be his girlfriend on October 5, 2000.  We were on and off for a few months because Rob was unsure of God’s plan for his life in terms of relationships, but in time he felt a peace and realized that he found the girl he wanted to marry and be with forever: me.

We were pre-engaged September 8, 2001 (it really should count as an actual engagement, but because I was still in high school we didn’t want to freak people out as much).  We bought matching simple sterling silver bands at a Renaissance Faire, sat on a rock, and proclaimed our love for one another and devotion.  We decided we would certainly work towards marriage. We wore the bands on our right ring fingers.

A whole year later, after I had graduated high school, Rob proposed to me in my bedroom when I got out of work (he picked me up) on September 16, 2002.  We went out to a diner afterwards and we couldn’t stop smiling.

It was hard to plan our wedding when we didn’t really have money and were irresponsible with it.  We also had issues in regards to our wedding party (which we decided to not use one at all in the end) and choosing a date.  Finally, we married on a beautiful sunny day of June 19, 2004 (when I was 20 and he was 21). We went to an anime convention, camped out in my parents’ yard in a tent, and went to the Poconos in PA for our honeymoon.

Our sweet sons Leto and Micah were born in 2007 and 2008.

Though our journey has had many bumps in it, our love is bound strongly by Christ.  We have always worked together through our problems and have found a deeper love for one another once we get through them.  We truly have grown up together, learning about ourselves and God as a team.

Currently we are working towards a simple life of minimalism and hope to own a house that is 600-1000 square feet (we are in a two bedroom 747 sq. ft. duplex at the moment).


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