There are days where I realize I don’t seek God, but seek my own satisfaction in life.  I pride myself on staying productive without reflecting on the things He has given to me. Then I find Him and give Him the glory. I will never forget where I came from and how well He has […]

How do I live in a purposeful way with those who are in my life? How can I make peace with those who I feel hurt by or who I have broken relationships with and once felt close to? How do I mend the life I have in order to walk forward? I want to […]

I was known as “Vicki the Virgin” in high school.  Did I like that nickname? I found it funny for a time.  It was a joke and a way to mock me. I had wanted to be a virgin on my wedding day, but that did not happen.  This is my story. All of my […]

Where I once sang the song of bitterness I now sing the song of contentedness I have learned to listen more and try to understand people rather than have my opinion made out about them.  I give people a chance and realize that we all come from different backgrounds with different thought processes and beliefs.  […]

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” I am learning to live daily by this quote said by Jesus as he was dying and people were fighting over his clothes, laughing about him as he was hanging against rough wood with nails in his limbs.  I find that I have an easier […]

Background: Every late November my mom had her children make “want lists”.    As the only girl in the family (other than my mom), I always got the most presents. I was spoiled.  I expected things. When I was 15, my mindset changed. It was the first year that I told my mom to not buy […]

I like facing challenges. I don’t like the rejection I receive after deciding to go through a challenge. It is hard for me when people don’t want to ask why I am doing something, when they don’t understand when I try to explain it, when they start assuming their own ideas about me without asking […]