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It’s Okay to Date & Marry Guys Shorter Than You

I am 5’9″ and have always loved my height.  I was always into the idea of marrying a man who was taller than me. When I first saw Rob in high school, he wasn’t directly in front of me, but I was drawn to him.  I could tell he was short for a guy, but… Continue reading It’s Okay to Date & Marry Guys Shorter Than You

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The Barefoot Family

As a child I was barefoot most of the time.  I remember when I started to see those signs in stores here in NJ saying, “No shoes, no service.”  It bothered me for some reason (though I do understand people don’t want to clean the floors so often in their stores).  When I was 13… Continue reading The Barefoot Family

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Justice Always Prevails

I had the great opportunity to attend The Justice Conference simulcast here in NJ.  Although most of Justice Network (which I am a part of) were at the event, I had a table set up for Gospel for Asia.  I wasn’t there the entire time, because the boys had a ballet rehearsal, but while I… Continue reading Justice Always Prevails