When living in a small home, how am I able to make space for much of anything?? The apartment we lived in before was slightly larger than where we live now (and was a one bedroom apt, while we are now in a smaller place with two bedrooms).  We could not fit our large wooden […]

There are days where I realize I don’t seek God, but seek my own satisfaction in life.  I pride myself on staying productive without reflecting on the things He has given to me. Then I find Him and give Him the glory. I will never forget where I came from and how well He has […]

My mom’s close friend has been admiring my quilting and often asks about sizing and pricing.  When I recently sold a quilt that I had made last year, she had said how she liked the colors a lot and asked if I’d be making a quilt like it.  I told her I’d make a throw […]

I remember telling my mom when I was engaged that as long as I had Rob to be with, I didn’t mind living in a cardboard box with him. When we got married, we lived in my parents’ basement with a bedroom, couch, and TV outside of the room attached to my parents’ laundry room.  […]

This is not your typical wishlist. I have followed enough blogs in the past 17 years to know that people show their shopping wishlists.  I am doing a wishlist based on experiences.  My 33rd birthday is coming up on November 3rd.  I wanted to plan what to do for my special day or week. 1. […]