There are days where I realize I don’t seek God, but seek my own satisfaction in life.  I pride myself on staying productive without reflecting on the things He has given to me. Then I find Him and give Him the glory. I will never forget where I came from and how well He has […]

How do I live in a purposeful way with those who are in my life? How can I make peace with those who I feel hurt by or who I have broken relationships with and once felt close to? How do I mend the life I have in order to walk forward? I want to […]

On a beautiful day while that leaves were beginning to grow on the trees, causing the sky to reveal a green haze of pollen all around, two parents decided it was worth enjoying with a nature walk, to the best of their ability. ———————————– Rob and I wanted to do something nice with the boys.  […]

Where I once sang the song of bitterness I now sing the song of contentedness I have learned to listen more and try to understand people rather than have my opinion made out about them.  I give people a chance and realize that we all come from different backgrounds with different thought processes and beliefs.  […]

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” I am learning to live daily by this quote said by Jesus as he was dying and people were fighting over his clothes, laughing about him as he was hanging against rough wood with nails in his limbs.  I find that I have an easier […]

I mentioned that I was going to start to focus on some good memories in my childhood, because I honestly have very little, so I am digging for some gold nuggets.  My childhood wasn’t bad, it was just very boring.  I believe that counting my blessings is important and growing out of the negative and […]

For over a decade, when I’ve had to choose where to go to do mass-needs shopping, it has always been Target.  Recently Christians have boycotted their Target shopping and get all huffy and puffy with me (also a Christian) if I mention Target in a positive way, without hearing me out. 1. There are 321.42 […]